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  • The way class wars should be

    The way class war is set up now every 5 battles the points increase per win/lose and ppl been taken advantage of this exploit by either stripping for the first 2-3 battles or afking so they will auto lose the matches worth the less points and by doing so when the later matches come they get all the easier fights and more accumulated points due to that point system and its knock higher brs who have worked hard for where they've gotten (this applies to cashers as well) some of my friends who have a 80k+ br hasn't been able to get in yet when u look at the list ull see 45k-60k brs in the finals.

    Class wars should be set where all matches r equal in points for example (u get 300 points per win and 150 per lost or 200 points per win and 100 points per lost or something in that range). This will resolve the exploit issue. For the disconnecting and receiving an auto lost is wrong this could also cause some higher brs to lose out to lower brs. It should be set as u can reenter the fight if its still going on just like spire and tok. For those who step out of class wars to do something else should be penalize for example they should miss out on the next fight or if they jump out at the end of the last fight rather it be the preliminaries or the finals they should be disqualified or the previous fight should count as a lost cuz ive heard some jump out before the scores set to boost their br with warriors call to raise their rankings. This is how class wars should be fair and fun for everyone not using cheats/exploits to get ur way to the top.
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    Yeah, I agree with this because, there have been people complaining, in the forums and in game, about the type of people that get in. For example a 48k br archer ended up in the top 100. I know this is NOT what was intended when this was presented, I believe that R2 should make some sort of punishment to those that dont play class wars like it should be played. R2 should try to invent something that measures participation of a said character like seeing if the player is using skills or not, what type of skill combos they are using so they arent using their weakest skills so they dont deal a kill, see if they are using their real astrals or just fake/no ones, and if the player is wearing all the clothes possible.


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      just making all battles worth the same points and having the battles truely random would solve this issue n is very much needed


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        If you guys would bother checking the forum before posting, you should already know that someone confirmed that class war will be fixed as what you suggested in the future. >_>
        But no one nows when will that pacth comes in our wartune servers, since at the moment it's only available in chinese wartune.
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          if you just search some: in 3 updates it's coming


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            Chinese version have it as same points for all fights, so everyone will be matched based on level + BR instead of points.