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Guild Battle - Mystic Towers Worthless?

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  • Guild Battle - Mystic Towers Worthless?

    Hello, after the server become like 3-4 monthes the mystic towers have no effect on guild battle as the ward tower is going down in like 15-20m.

    or i am wrong?

    the whole battle is who is rushing war tower faster and do more dmg....

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    Can't confirm whether or not mystery towers cause damage to enemy ward tower. They do give points, however (which never hurt). In patch 2.0, they'll become vital to defend, though.


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      Each tower does 175k dmg to the opposing ward tower per *tick*

      Each 10k dmg done = 1 point
      so each tower is 17.5 points per tick, or 35 for 2, etc...

      And yes, currently, once your guild is strong enough to pull massive amounts of damage on the ward quickly, the mystic towers are pretty much a non issue


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        Tower is actually worth 35 points each. Because, each tower you have prevents opponents to get +17.5, instead it gets you 17.5 so it's -(-17.5)+17.5 for each tower you own, although it only matters when you are going for 4k points win or a very close fight.