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Refining Using balens

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  • Refining Using balens

    I have suggestion in refining using balens.

    This is the step of refining using balens NOW.

    1. Lock each attributes you want to remain with 45 balens each.
    2. Press Refine and you will get random attributes and those attribute you lock will remain at the same time already -45 balens each lock.
    3. And lastly Swap.

    Now here is my suggestion.

    1. Press Refine.
    2. New random attributes will be given to you.
    3. Lock those attribute you want to remain.
    4. And lastly press swap attributes and at the same time -45 balens will be consume in each lock.

    Make it that way r2. Please! So we can costumized well the attributes of our equipment. Prove to us that you are not that greedy like other rumor says. ^_^
    Thanks you r2.

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    I like this idea a lot but as you stated R2 is greedy and this will cause them to lose profits. People will see what stats they like and if they don't like any of it will just keep refining over and over again. The way R2 has it now is you are forced to pay if you want to lock the stats and see what else you get.


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      Well, R2 should realize that getting refinement crystals (especially for level 60 equipments and above) are very hard to get.. They should consider this... And give more events that would free refinement locks for the non-balenors.