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  • Make it helpful game!!

    Lunaria isnt a helpful game. People said to me, "when did u ever play nice?" How am i supposed to show it when you guys give only 1-2 attempts in mp instances and cant help others afterwards. Wartunes is more helpful of a game since you are able to help others after your attempts are done. Lunaria isnt made for helping but to help yourself and make only your self strong. I shouldnt be judge ever on how i aint nice when i would give up my time to help everyone to become strong as well. Lunaria, make your game more helpful not more shallow.

    GunningCrow from used to be 35 sever. now have quit from bad made game.
    Name: GunningCrow
    Vip lvl:2
    Sever: 35
    Class: noob hunter
    Guild: Envy