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  • New Event Suggestion

    i just hope you guys create more events not just for cashers but for non-cashers too. so here i would like to suggest one, if you guys allowed me to...XD


    farm is basically our second or third or forth most important resources for our gold, daru, kyanite and so on. besides, farm is basically accessible for all players despite being a casher or not. in addition, there are lot of events that can be created with the farm.

    - Farm Level Upgrade = Upgrade your farm to certain level and you gain the reward. Since you cant downgrade your farm and your farm level will not go pass your own level, this idea might be a bit limited. heee

    - Harvesting = Harvest certain amount of gold/daru/kyanite/exp within a day. If you reach the target, you will gain the reward. I bet this can be done quite easily. XD. Having higher level soil/farm ofc will bring a lot of advantages though. XD

    - Tree of Ancient = Energize certain amount of ToA will grant you certain reward. Maybe like 10 - 30, so ppl with huge amount of friends have big advantages here...Maybe can throw some secret event too, like harvesting your ToA for that day will unlock certain mysterious reward.

    - Rare Plants = Planting rare plants such as insignia or voucher and any other that you can get from guild blessing will grant you some rewards.

    - And any other interesting ideas....

    The ultimate reward the player can get from this is like unlocking the remaining 3 plots of their farm. Others might be auto leveled/upgrade their soil level, maybe reducing the voucher needed to upgrade it and any other rewards that you guys might think good and satisfying~

    despite being free for all players, you guys still can gain some profit here by selling some plant packs, especially the rare ones. maybe some kind of inducer too, to allow the plant to mature quickly (maybe) and so on....huhu
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    Events that in quest list cant be customize-able but in Hot events I think "maybe" not sure, but what I'm sure about that can be done "externally" by 3rd part form as example, to post screenshot to GM and them give rewards for players that gave correct info via email, this can be done I'm sure about once per week or 2 weeks or month, but u need active GMs to care about applications and give away rewards in a few days later for each players somehow, what I know already in another WT publishers this what they do, like get amount points for astrals to get balens items or lvl up ur farm , buildings etc to specific lvl you will get some items and so.
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      ...Not bad ideas. I mean, some things could be tweaked but on the whole...not bad.