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The cost of Balens needed for level 5 Fate

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  • The cost of Balens needed for level 5 Fate

    Does anyone know the cost from level 1 fate to level 5 fate ..thanks.
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    No because it spins a wheel, you could spent little and get level 5 fate, though you could spent tons and not even reach level 5 it's all about luck and depends on if you want level 5 in one day or over a schedule of a week or so.
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      it would be FREE, we just need patient


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        well, u can do 10x spims (and ignore the 2 minor results) for 3200 balens. There u can get more or less 42 soul stones. You need 873 Fate sotones for lvl 5.
        You can get it in 16 days with a cost of +- 60k balens (600 dolars).


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          You can do it in 1 day. Just need about 13000 USD.
          You can do it in 2 days. About 7000 USD.

          And so on..

          There are way too many variables.
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