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Help Dealling With Rude Players

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  • Help Dealling With Rude Players

    I have played a lot of online games like this for many years now and Wartunes is the first one I have come across that does not have some kind of 'report' button. All we have is blacklist and it really doesn't benefit much. It silences the pms yes but the player can still harass you by spamming invites or trash talking in world chat. We finally had a GM speak up in world chat and it did help to keep the rude chats down however there are many other chats where trash talking becomes an issue that the GMs might not be able to monitor. From my experiences Battlegrounds, Arena, Guild Battles and most of all World Chat are amongst the worst for trash talk.

    * A report player button in game
    * Make the blacklist option more useful
    (For example if they are blacklisted they should
    not be allowed to invite you to things like the arena)


    AliceRush [S255]
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    World chat regularly descended into Anarchy on our server. I'm on the same server as Alice here, and things get pretty out of control at times. i've had to PM guildies to tell them to knock it off in World chat, but we really need a report function for when the behavior becomes truly offensive and turns into outright harassment.


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      Wartune can't exactly monitor each and every server but I understand what you're saying. There are VERY rude players in this game. But you should try to ignore it. After all they don't know you. But if the harassment continues, you can send a request into wartune or something. They might reply quickly or you'll have to wait. But it's worth a shot.
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        I understand what you mean there are indeed a lot of servers to watch. That's why I would just like my suggestion for a report button to be considered It would help us when the GMs are not around and it would actually help the GMs I think. If they see many reports of the same player it would help them know who to really look out for in that server. I also agree with you I do ignore it. However the spam invites of harassment are harder to ignore. Yes I could turn off my invites but then my friends can't call me for help. It is hard to play when the box keeps popping up. That's why if you have them blacklisted it blocks their pms but it would be nice if it also blocked out their invites as well. I also talked to the GM in our server and he told me to place my suggestion here and here I am. I hope others like this idea and maybe in the future it might be considered ^ ^

        Thanks for replying so fast

        AliceRush [S255]


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          I second this suggestion. Blacklist isn't much helpful.


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            I think before asking to be helped with rude players, the author of the topic, should stop being rude and verbally abusive to other players herself. "Kiss my a.s.s" "nobody cares what you think" is a part of normal chat of Alice. Maybe you should start from yourself, dear?