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Clothes Synthesizing Issue

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  • Clothes Synthesizing Issue

    hello I am new to the game and have only been playing for 2 weeks. Today do to my lack of knowledge I made a mistake that cost me 6000 balens. I wanted to upgrade wings from level 2 to level 3. I thought I needed 1 set of wings at level 2 and one set of wings at level 1 so I bought a level 1 set of wings to synthesize. I failed so I tried again and again. I bought 3 sets of wings for almost 6k balens. Not understand how a good success rate could fail 3x I then asked people about ti and saw I needed 2 sets of level 2 wings. Needless to say I am very frustrated I wasted 6k balens.

    My suggestion is the slots for synthesizing should not allow different level clothes in the slots at the same time. The system should prevent you from putting a set of level 2 wings with a set of level 1 wings at the same time for synthesizing. This would prevent others in the future from making the same mistake as me, especially newcomers. yes, I am a bit nuub but its something I didn't expect. Not sure if it has happened to anyone else but 30 dollars worth of balens is a lot of money for nothing. I hope that there can be an update to this system or at least a displayed warning. Thank you for listening to this suggestion and issue.

    339K BR