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  • Battlegrounds

    Battlegrounds is the only event that was suck...!!!!

    Because of imbalance Strenght...(sample = 40k BR vs. 50k BR or higher) You Think that was fun..??

    PLease fix this...coz.. as i observed...level 1-50 was fun... but if you reach level 55+ (if you don't Spend money)..That was suck...

    as i observed...many of players quitting @ level 55+....

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    u ar lvl 55+ and only 40k br? just lol . its ur problem that u rush lvl and dont play smart :P


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      its the average BR of level 55 to 60...Only Spending Money can get you 40k+ BR...


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        Just camp att lvl 50-54 until u get lvl 50 legendary set (2/3 months ) u get easy 50k br for that time


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          i can kill player with the same just complaining of playing battlegrounds with level 65+...

          60 & 61 have a big much more dueling of level 65+..


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            it sucks for the ones that rushes to lvl up, 40 k br is normal if you rush to lvl 55 yes, but you will get destroyed by those who knew to camp at lvl 54 and ofc you'll also get destroyed by lvl 64 players who had enough time to camp there. This game is a very time consuming, you can't be strong by rushing it to much unless you pay $. But $ are mostly used to speed up the process and get certain items/astrals/upgrades faster. Non cashers can easily get to 50k-55k br when they lvl to 55 by spending more time than cashers
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              It is all about skills and wisdom.

              I was able to get a Road Warrior title at level 55. Meaning, i fight high level players than me.. And I am a non-casher and a non-balenor too (no free balens)... So I suggest you learn from other players' mistake and be wise.

              I would like you to take note of this: Money would save you time, so if you have no money to spend on the game, then you should spend more time on the game to get strong to be a par with those light and medium cashers.

              This is life.. If you want to be strong, skillful and be special in a certain field, whether in job, health, relationships, or even in games, you need to be dedicated, which means spending more time. With money, you could get there faster. But both will eventually reach it, if they are really dedicated to it.