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  • Looking for a few good guides...

    In my efforts to compile a guide-list for the more advanced players among us, I've found myself at a hold-up due to a lack of several guides for certain subjects I've elected to include among its number. If anyone would like to help me by locating some good links or by creating guides for the missing topics, it will be much appreciated. Also, please feel free to reply in the compilation thread with any feedback or suggestions on subjects that it should include, but keep in mind this is geared towards the more advanced players. Here is the link to my compilation:

    Anything marked in red is what I'm needing, but if you feel that you have (or know of) a guide that is superior to any of those already in the list, as well, please let me know and I'll decide which one is most suited to the task (or simply add another if they each cover something the other does not).

    Thanks Everyone!

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    so I looked at what you have going, not bad. I know there are some WB cycle/combo guides around, though I haven't seen any recently, so if your really need, I can help you out with a mage WB combo guide when I get a chance. As for ToK - not sure you need a guide, just tell your ranked players to strip slightly each night before reset (drop high level goddes' blessing/damage modifying astrals, swap out 1 piece of gear so as to deprive shadow of the set bonus).