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Going dryad on a resource officer

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  • Going dryad on a resource officer

    Is it possible to use dryads to attack NPC's like the resource officer in BG?

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    lol whatever you doing. Going against Resource Officer is not worth for it. I rather use my time to slaughter people than trying to get dyra then go for the big boss; if I was you.

    Although I try once before. I remembered I had around 70 br with max dyra. I then try the officer, and it still deal 45k+ crit to me. So...
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      You can do it if you want...but yeah, really not worth it rewards wise, unless it is a very close bg(and i would not say the bg end rewards are worth the hassle in any case)


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        no need for dryads just keep attacking it and it gets easier everytime kinda like it gives you dryads or it loses defense or HP

        only worth 500 pts and repawns after 1min


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          Originally posted by chrisdab View Post
          Is it possible to use dryads to attack NPC's like the resource officer in BG?
          You won't have dryad afterwards. Even though losing to a resource officer costs you honor at Crusader+, it does count as a "win" (I have done lose, splat on resource officer [no dryad afterwards], win, win and have it called a killing streak for 3 kills in a row).


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            You lose 200 honor every time you die to it though.


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              Maybe vip9?
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