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reduce critical astral

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  • reduce critical astral

    Hi there,
    I would like to know whether this reduce critical astral is useful? If so, at what level only you can truly see the effect of this astral. Mine at lvl 6, and i see there is not much different with or without using this astral.
    Pls advice.

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    Useful if you are a mage for anti Archer

    Pretty much the only use though, other classes have better options for the astral slot all the way to 80.

    Edit: Saying yours is level 6 means nothing, could be green - orange.

    You should start seeing effects with the orange past level 5.
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      this is an astral used only on occasions like when you fight archers/crit build char in solo arena, lvl 8 boss in necro and so on. Its not an astral tht should be weared all the time because there are others better, but it can replace astrals like mdef in special occasions like mentioned above


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        I like it in mage cw, useful counter to the mages switching crit for cw, and it is probably great in archer cw aswell.


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          Edit: Saying yours is level 6 means nothing, could be green - orange
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            I'm thinking to try this one for CW (archer). After the failure of deflection and the general weakness of HP (only 4500 at lv6 red)...
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