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    on ur case, find guildmates that willing to help..
    well idk how many hi lvl players on ur guild n server, but the 1st thing u need to do is find a help..
    what for? mp runs, moon NM if possible.. just ask nicely, there should be some ppl willing to help..
    as for spire tok GA runs, well, just find any party n go for it..
    in BG, u will get slaughtered alot, key is, patience..
    if u wanna cash, buy loid when there is a sale.. that should speed up ur pve set..

    i know a guy in my guild, non casher archer, fast lvler, got lucky n manage to pass final cw 3x.. he can get a few free mounts that helps him later on, he always ask for help, not in bothersome way but in a nice way.. well we helped him a lot, i also help him get his full pve set, insig is np for him since he is active n always get slot in GB.. he never complained..
    now with BW buff he can get to 74k BR.. his BR on his 70 was around 39k.

    hope this helps encourage u rather than asking the impossible..