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  • astral

    hi i wonder why we cant convert astrals, why should we will some ask. her ei can tell u why we shall have a oppturnity to do that.

    when u have used millions in gold u got a yellow matk astral, and u are archer, then u have no more laptop coz this laptop is smashed into the wall. why cant we have a system that we can convert astral to a astral we need, like we have with gems? when u atleast got a astral u cant use it? and if u are so happy that u got a holy astral and see it is a astral u dont need or is **** to ur profile - what can u doo nothing at all sell it and get 2k gold is so bad feeling that wheni get astrals like this i want to stop to play. some have real luck with astral some like me and 1000 other need to use 20 million gold to get a yeloow 1 and when u ge tit is wrong astral lol. plz do something so we can convert astrals to the astral we need

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    huh?sell the red for 2k? you really underestimate the xp of astrals don't you? there is a reason why people still invest hundred of millions of gold in astrals even after they got all the astrals they need. none of your gold was a waste, convert them. The level of the astrals matters as well, not just the color


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      My knight got pristine mysticality 2x, and still didn't get orange astral that it needs until now, so what I did was earn star points then just get exchange it with the astral that I need. Then feed the useless orange astral to my useful astral, wulah! Added astral exp...
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        i dont underextiminate astrals exp, iknow they give exp, but u can still not convert astrals, ih u hace got a holy charm and i need a holy fortitude what can u do? with htis holy charm astral? i want to use some balens and i can convert this holy charm until a holy fortitude as we do with gems. if u have a level 5 makt gem what will u do if u are a archer convert it to a level 5 pkat gem right, why cant or shall we not do this with a astral also?

        and something else who is real stupid they give us packages so we can go and biuy this i got know 4 yeti and what can i do with htis , i can mont 1 and have 3 useless yeti, why cant we zybtezize it like w edo with clothes uppgrade em to next level?

        i think u all have this problem u cant convert astral to another u can not either syntezize ur horse cards if u got more than 1

        and some in here say convert astrals, if u know how u can convert astral tell, coz im a real noob

        i know u can use a holy charm and mount it on a yellow fortitude but that is not to convert that is to use a very expensive astral who have costed u multi off gold to get exp on ur yellow astral

        i think u all understand what i mean here, convert is to change the astral to some u need, not change level on it ,chnage valour , a makt astral to pakt astral or aegis to sniper egde this we cant do and i ask why not?


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          1) the reason you have 4 yeti is because you bought to many chests at once. you should buy 10 chests at once, open them, and so on.But don't lose hope, there is a high chance that a trade system shall be implemented in the next patch, so keep them and pray.

          2) there is an exchange button near the astral points and you can buy whichever red astral you wish for 15 k astral points. This system was created for the unlucky people like you

          3) that red charm is a great astral, I hope you still have it. It is not an astral that you should have on you all the time, but a situational astral which can be used for solo arena, class wars and catacombs/necropolis.

          Example: you are an archer and enter cata/necro and you meet a boss that deals matk. what do you do?take off the pdef astral and put the charm one (lvl 3 or 4) instead. Reason? your troops shall survive longer so the bosses shall shoot them not you.
          Arena: lets say you want to attack another archer with same strength, same lvl of troop, same everything. But you shall remove your mdef astral and place the charm one instead. SO when you destroy his troops, he still has to use 1-2 rounds to destroy yours while you hit him, gaining a 1-2 rounds advantage.
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