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Option to tranfer to another Wartune provider

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  • Option to tranfer to another Wartune provider

    One time, or once a year we should get a option (paid that providers can split) to switch to another Wartunes provider.

    There are a few reasons why this would be good for all the providers as it would spark actual competition to providing the best service to the players - both from an in-game performance stand-point as well as a customer service one. It could be coupled with server moving/re-selection as well so that players can keep themselves on competitive servers rather than being stuck on servers that have all but died off.

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    *Three thumbs up* Very much agree.


    Character: Stronmer
    Server: s14 kabam
    Class: Knight
    Br: 88k Lvl: 70
    Status: Elite noob.


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      +Yes, Yes, Yes! Would be so nice. Don't see it even remotely possible LOL, but I would REALLY love to be able to take my toon elsewhere.
      My name itself is a flame...sweeeeeet! awesome! epic!