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  • Guild Master

    Hello ppl,i have a question.How we can remove a guild master because him is off about 5 days,we need tree and upgrades!?who knows?

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    "Guild Master nn has been offline for 7 days. If he/she does not login within the next 3 days, a guild election will be automatically triggered.

    1.Any Assistant Guild Master that has been offline no more than 3 days will be the automatic candidate. Otherwise, candidates lower in rank will be found.

    2.Players with guild contribution of at least 100 have voting rights. The election will last 3 days and the candidate with the most votes shall be declared winner!

    3.If, during the election, the Guild Master returns, then the power transfer will be cancelled."

    According to this post:


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      Thanks alot,but still to much time,people leave guild


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        I'm afraid there's nothing else to it. :/