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Skele keys

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  • Skele keys

    So I've been saving them up for a while for 65 summoner, got almost 500 now, but as it turns out I won't need the summoner as insignias/CTs will take longer to farm than leg stones anyway.

    So what's the best use for them? I'd rather not run a low level dungeon as that would be a big cut in my daily exp and I still need a lot to level talents. Are there any good mystery boxes on 60-70 map, and does it really matter which boxes I open?
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    48-50 buradoth grave has high chances to give crypt key (crypt keys double cata exp which i guess is more exp then runing mpd even if it isnt the gems and ct are good)


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      NO it doesnt matter which mistery box you open. If you want to do MPS for exp than run 64 dungeon. If you want CKs than run buradoth as you have a greater chance to get it. It all goes down to luck.
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