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Guild Battle against other servers

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  • Guild Battle against other servers

    Well we have just chatting this in our guild about breaking guilds on the other servers. since we got battlegrounds and multi arena for cross server battle. why not having a new kind of pvp cross? i know tanks gives some intertaining but without knowing (lack of info, just play whats available)i realize that tanks is not a cross server battle.well some of my guildmates dont really like it because possibly more bug and lag but if i would imagined it,it will be more much fun than killing people on our own world.of corz...if wartunes would like it they can put some brackets.levels/guild's BR. REWARDS? aside of insignias and honors what about getting some treasure chest with chance of items/rare items inside it...

    what do you think guys? sucks?or good?

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    Pro for Cross-server Guild Battles.

    On some servers, there's only 1 big Guild with full members and others almost empty.


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      The Big guilds will just get bigger and the smaller guilds would just suffer more with this sort of idea.
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        Please stop making new "Cross-Server Guild Battle" threads.