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Change the Arena times.

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  • Change the Arena times.

    Arena is only available currently to 13:00-14:00 server time daily.

    Monday - Saturday, Many people have a job during these times, thus not allowing them to participate in the events.
    Monday - Friday, Many young adults / high school kids who play this game are in school during that time, thus not allowing them to participate in the events.
    Saturday, many Muslims have to be at the Mosques around that time.
    Sunday, many Christians have church services around that time.

    Many people are unavailable during these times, which puts really unfair advantages to those people who play this game, who are able to participate daily in the party Arena.
    Why such unfair advantages? the items are extremely strong for the level and gives people insane advantages over all other players if they manage to get a set of 4.

    My suggestions are to have easier methods of making these extremely strong items via the blacksmith. Add possible parts of it to be able to be purchased from the shop.

    or... (the easiest and fairest to all people)

    Change the arena time to 20:00-21:00 server time. A vast majority of your players are able to play during this time, and changing the arena time to this will be most beneficial.

    I have actually spend money on this game, and plan to do so. But even if i (hypothetically) drop $1,000 USD into this game, if real life comes first during the times of the arena, I am seriously behind other people who have spent nothing, but were able to get the arena rewards. Please change the time to make it fair for all people.

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    /signed... x3 Please change the times, maybe even earlier since 2000- 2100hrs is planned for battlegrounds... maybe 1800-1900?


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      that suggestion is really great..i really want the arena time to be changed to..or maybe the arena is free to go whenever we want just entrance limit or so..

      oh and the muslims part that u said is not right...its on friday..not saturday..(theres a reason its called friday prayer)
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