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  • PvP sets and mounts

    just sharing my thoughts and wonder how many think the same as me

    i been wondering if wartune was going to bring out more pvp sets (im lvl 64 ) would be nice to be able to get a 65 set and for the higher lvls 75
    instead of the current option of 55pvp - 60pve -70pve atleast something to choose between in the gap

    also had a few ideas for new mounts wondered if people like them
    (their posted in the custom design bit but to many google pics to be noticed lol )
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-10-09 13.26.jpg
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Name:	taurus gaurdian_.jpg
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Name:	2013-09-13 08.31.45__1379077209_2.220.15.61.jpg
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Name:	hellbeast.jpg
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    nice mounts, good job


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      There is no level 65 PvP set anywhere in sight. Chinese servers are 8 months or more ahead in patches and they have nothing after 55. Just get used to grinding out your PvE stuff.
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        Originally posted by the-HellsAngel View Post
        i like this one


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          I wouldn't want to go back to PvP set after get my 50 PvE set rofl.
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