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  • Guild Castle

    I think a Guild Castle should be added. A good place for guild members to hangout when they are bored and maybe get to duel each other for fun. And maybe inside it can show a list of guild members farms so you can help each other out. this would be nice

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    +1 this could bring a future guild war option


    • #3
      I like the idea of an additional guild building to pay for.
      Anything for another contribute sink.

      The option for dueling guild members is fun, but we can do that in arena if we're close enough ranks to them.
      I like the guild farm list, but then again you can easily do this by adding guild members to friends list, which is more preferable due to friend bonuses anyways.


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        I was also thinking of the same thing as you. I wanna hangout with my guild mates. BTW, I would also like if we can get more space for leader to write what is important for the guild. it's so few words that can be written.