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Please Merge S346

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  • Please Merge S346

    I Stay more than 11 Hours Online a Day Still don;t do my Mpd Spir Or Tok No One Helpsssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    we all need more server merges. the game is dying because of the lack of players. u are relatively new. u might want to try and join a server like s1 before u spend too much time playing. im in 165 and its a ghost town too


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      Dude they will get to your server soon, it has to be just over a month of a server being out for them to merge it.
      Wartune's Cookie is retired. In game drama and Cashing is outrageous. Enjoy peeps!

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        S below 200 is understandable. But calling for a merge from 346? If nobody's doing MP with you, you probably need to work on your BR.


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          I think the bigger issue is being on here 11 hours a day.


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            Sometimes its the player's fault why nobody want to do mpd, tok or spire with him/her. Let me give u some egs
            1) Player double cross in a mpd. tells people he/she got over 100keys and doing summoning with mpd but when his turn came he just log off after the rest have used up all their keys.
            2) As mention above low BR more a liability and the rest of the party have to do the work.
            3) AFK idle half way through just afk and let the rest of the party do the dirty work or kick him/her out and have to find another replacement ( kind of tough when u are 75% through a mpd already )
            Just to name a few maybe u guys / gals would like to share soum of your experience too?


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              people that are server 200 and above really shouldn't complain. at least r2/7road still acknowledges your existance
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