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    Originally posted by Psxplayer View Post
    Uf u don have cash u need alot of time .. all the things can b done bud only take 100x more time . Good thing is there is a dead-line in game where u have nothing 2 do so u can play something else im w8ting for blade and Soul (2014) . Raiderz closed and Tera boring after 2 months maxed char .. ? im Hardcore Ps3 gamer and final fantasy fan So i can get free from Wartune any time I can stop 2morrow if i will many say soo
    Blade and Soul, depending on which version they're porting to NA... the Korea awesomeness with no censors, or China with heavy P2W and censors.

    LOL @ RaiderZ... I warned both NA and EU version on their forum about population problems 4 month after OBT release, yet they did not fix it... see what happens now?

    I have 5 level capped Tera characters...

    I don't own PS3, I am still trying to save up money to buy Wii U and N3DS...

    Wartune is a side for me, I play real games most of the times. (it's why I stay a non-casher)


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      Originally posted by Necaa View Post
      Yeah they kinda ruined the game for new non cashing players... Tbh, I joined this game bcs I saw an advertisement about „Best graphic FREE browser game“ and by the time I realised its one of the heaviest P2W games I was already addicted. :/
      go for slow leveling. then u r best. except heavy casher no one will disturb u.
      ARCHE wht is slow leveling?
      when u hope that u and u tank will be same lv.


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        I agree that heal and blood rune should be included in the rune extravaganza since these are given free before the patch, however no to very rare ones like chaos, rage, etc coz these are not given free from the start anyway. Those who have these bought it and it will be unfair for those who paid real money to get the rune.


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          in the older patch..knights and archers can survive in any dungeon beforre hitting 35,!without heal they totally die fast in cota,mpd. ive just realize that this game are more favored to mages now since they are officially the one that could heal in the 1st place. we need to learn new rune skills so hope theyll increase the chances of getting it.its for all of us