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  • Arena rooms

    Can we please make the "find room" button a little smarter? For example only find rooms with the owner in the same bracket as yourself. What good can possibly come from a bunch of random people 30 levels higher or lower joining your rooms, you can invite them yourself if you want to (or let them manually join, just not using the random find button).
    Rivx - 66 Mage (78k BR) / 38 Archer (21k BR) @ Kabam S32 |
    Games: Dota 2, SC II, Dark Souls, Skyrim, WoW, D3, PoE

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    i hope they'll put a warning everytime a player enters a room like this "your level is too low/high please find or create a new one" by this kind of way we can find/pair ourselves with the same level easy and not could be possibly fought higher levels than us...

    but the effect would.. what if you were on a server which all players are high 30 than you and they were fewer player like you but not active most of the time.probably doing arena will be more headache to find an active player with the same level i think and could turns you to create a new toon on a newer server.

    lol positive and negative
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      You can always enter a room manually, there's no reason to be placed into a room higher/lower than your level by using that quick join button.

      I'm trying to get games on my low lvl archer, and high levels keep joining all the time, my finger hurts from kicking them.. not to mention it prevents people I invite from joining. Btw lobby is just a random list of people from the server?
      Rivx - 66 Mage (78k BR) / 38 Archer (21k BR) @ Kabam S32 |
      Games: Dota 2, SC II, Dark Souls, Skyrim, WoW, D3, PoE