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while quick emergency maintenance...

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  • while quick emergency maintenance...

    First of all my english sucks
    Second this post wont have nothing in common with the title
    Third i m only 3 days old at this game so expect me to say some noobishness (if this word really exist <.<)

    I will complain about server time zone, and yes i will chose another server to adjust my time zone

    But whats the point of a game whene all the players that don t have compatible time zones change server
    It will end like some of the best players migrate ( not talking about top 10 don t think they will give up that easly ) to other servers and let the first server slowly having less competivity and slowly losing players, but then its like a exponential graphic (like a bomb)

    guilds having difficult with inactive members will try
    1. begining of the migration will be easy to just kick them and recruit new ones, but what will happend whene the new ones chose another server to try tops cause i wont play a server whene i just start and top 10 are filled with 50s
    2. guild then will struggle to get members till the point some of the guilds will disband
    3. less competitive now to the guilds

    What will you do if all you re friends move to another server ? well i m talking by myself now but i can be sure some of you think like me

    1. well lets see if i can get another party to my duels/dungs
    2. it could work you can get to know other people, but its not the same >.<
    3. I would change server to be honest
    4. so lets say only a small portion think like me, then that small portion will add to the others that already left

    I could be stating more examples but i think you get the picture of what i m trying to say.

    Now the suggestions ( my ideas you don t need to agree with all of them )

    1. that thing 3vs3 ( dont remeber the name )

    really only 1 try ? My suggestion its having like more hours to do that like 1am:2am 5am;6am...
    But you can only do it one time per day, i mean 1 hour like you do 1am:2am and 3vs3 will only be available next day.

    That would balance time zone, but there is a little con
    this system can be abused if you know whene the top players play, just avoid that time and fight another hour . well but top players the will have more competitive whene the other team appears with pvp set to

    2. world boss
    Same thing more hours and only 3 chances per day
    ok I think this one will be hard to implement cause of the rewards, i mean just fight the world boss whene tops arent fighint it :P, but then i see 500 players banging one boss in less than 10 min and none of them got 1% O.o or we gett a hp buff at bosses or we chose my suggestion

    3.kryt seed ( that seed used on farm to get that thing to techs)
    Its that a bug or you just can get 1 seed of kryt per farm ? i mean i can put full gold,exp,daru but i can put full kryt ? Thats **

    Will be fun if we could attack other players if we spot them at the map XD
    We coul like implement guild fights or just team fights or bounty hunt or .... you get the point resource
    mmmh 2 mines to get gold , why not kryt to ?

    6. clock
    nvm they already said they will implement

    WHy you don t let me party with my friends XD
    I mean its freacking boring
    Btw can we have an option to repeat the story line, i din t have the patience to see it but i would like to watch it some day
    soon as possible plz

    9.plz warn people whene you about to do a maintenance, ok i will be honest i din t check foruns if therer is any post of the day/hour it will hapend

    And yes i m not mad at 5min warning message, at least you warn XD
    I mean emergency its and emergency btw gf crypt run ( that thing we can do 1 time per day for free )

    Note: If you read all the post :O respect !

    character: Dario
    Guild: don t rememer the name
    stat : waiting new server with better time zone