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Changing Float Damage Astral value

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  • Changing Float Damage Astral value

    So after doing much research on what this poorly explained in-game defined astral does, it seems that there is absolutely no advantage in using it. This is the only in-game astral that is for some reason a "double edge sword" as some call it. For those of you who are still wondering what is does, it supposedly widens your damage parameters from say 90%-110% to something like 80%-120%. In any case, it seems useless to have an astral that doesn't give a solid advantage like all the other astral's. So I propose that the parameters are made to shift the damage to a high point and has an accumulative chance to miss the target, doing no damage, which will reset back to 0% miss after each missed shot.

    Ruthlessness: Shifts damage parameters 1-2, adds a 10% miss rate per action.
    lvl 1. 91-112%
    lvl 5. 95-120%
    lvl 10. 110-130%

    Enhanced Ruthlessness: Shifts damage parameters 2-3, adds a 10% miss rate per action.
    lvl 1. 92-113%
    lvl 5. 100-125%
    lvl 10. 110-140%

    The miss rate takes effect when you use any skill. So for example you use skills in this pattern:
    Brute rune> Multi-shot> Arrow Strike

    All 3 skills here will trigger a 10% miss rate that will add up to 30%. Now on the 4th skill
    Lunatic Fire instead of accumulating up to 40% miss rate. The shot missed completely which now resets your miss rate back to 0%

    This astral will make it so that your first shot is a 100% hit and there after has a chance to miss. Now what if used a heal rune and it triggered a miss? Well then you got lucky and didn't end up wasting a shot and healed yourself since the miss only applies to damage.

    With this you would have to rethink the normal strategy of starting off with a brute rune, and plan your skill usage more carefully due to the random nature of missing. On average you will probably only make 4-7 hits before you miss. On that point with the increase in damage you can kill your targets faster than what the current float damage astral does and provides a clear advantage and disadvantage.

    (The stats for the suggested new float damage is an example and have not been calculated to provide accurate change in damage. So whether it should be higher or lower is still to be determined, but what the overall matter is whether changing the astral to something of this nature will be supported by the players?)
    I didn't read it, but i agree anyway
    I didn't read it, but sounds stupid

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    Yes, the ruthlessness astral is there for people to "gamble" with. This game usually has an element of "luck" in many aspects. This is no different.

    The way I see it is as follows:
    - The ruthlessness astral changes a 100% losing battle into a battle with a small chance (5% ?) chance of winning. For example, if you're fighting against someone who is 10k BR higher than you. Normally, you will definitely lose. However, with this astral, you actually have a small % chance of winning.
    - The opposite of the above. It changes a 100% winning battle into a battle with a small chance of losing.

    To me, this astral is as useless as it can get.

    Your suggestion is good. But I don't like the 10% miss rate at all.
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      I myself tryed numerous times to use it. Always ended up exping my will destroyer with it later on.

      I think the only way to make the astral at least a little bit usefull is to make it -50% min +100% max meaning:

      90%-110% normal

      with 21% floating you would have

      79% - 131%

      Ofcourse that than a lot of ppl (or all of them) gonna use it but than the solution would be tweaking the bonuses a bit... otherways it remains for me astral called "Uselessness"