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VIP Wheel cheated?

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  • VIP Wheel cheated?

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    Look, i spent +/- 120 VIP COINS.. and i just get the worst itens of the wheel, those epics Gems lv.6 and Seeds of +100 Insignias never stop.. I thought about luck, but can't be luck, always is the worst itens
    Increase the chances of better itens please~ 3:
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    Guild: Genesis

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    Yeah, same here.. but im glad the chances are slim for good items.. otherwise everyone VIP would be ballin.. and all us no lifers would be no lifing for no reason
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    • Guild: Hell'sCorp
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      lol it is rigged if you look close at the wheel b4 u start it. The items that are NOT highlighted on the wheel(like a seed or a small pot) is where it will stop on the 1st round(please try it you will see what im talking about. Just open and close the wheel repeatedly until you get all HIGHLIGHTED items to get a somewhat fair spin. Even then you wont get an GEM or High level anything.

      What you will get is totally ripped off as a VIP in this game.

      I am starting to thing being a VIP is not really worth it on this game(no real diff from us or reg players) other then the Cheating Wheel and some extra exp, oh yeah the castle looks better on the world map so players know who to Rob x5 right?


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        yea, vip wheel is really... to put it gently, idiotic.

        Might as well remove all other items and just keep seeds, as thats what u get 99% of the time.