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Monster in the WIld should give xp

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  • Monster in the WIld should give xp

    Well I cant do any quests since some solo campaign area have level restriction
    All the daily is complete
    Farm XP gain is max out
    Finish will multi dungeon
    Ran out of Stamina

    So there is pretty much nothing to do!!! Why not make Monster in the wild give off xp or some little xp so we have something to do when we are done with everything???????

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    agree..i usually finished all my daily n quest in just few hours..the rest is waiting for 10-12hours only for reset time..
    killing mob on wild is the only thing i can do but kinda boring now since it's give no exp..

    pls make the mob on wild give us some exp..
    -sorry if my english is bad-


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      Yeah should give some exp!! i kill like 100 monster in wild only daru pearl and some equipment
      it will be nice if we gain exp from monster in WILD map

      p/s Make Us can kill Player on wild also lol


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        Agree, the monsters in the wild are pretty useless for now, and even the Daru Pearl's barely give anything.
        I like the idea of pvp in the wild too, that sounds fun
        ♥ Shermie ♥