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Just Sharing For Happiness

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  • Just Sharing For Happiness

    Well.I have So many different class of weapon and armor...and I end up selling them all....but...I think it would be more Usefull,If we can send those items to my friend.....he has low money and poor equipment....thats all my sugestions , hope best for this game...see ya and thanks.....

    I am Boyd (Mage),i am a member of Darkness guild,temple of ibalize is my server

    From Boyd
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    I'm saving, i bought 2 extra lines for store itens to trade/sell at my inventory. I got a complete set lv.30 for knight, a bow set lv.30 for archer and some material for craft too...
    all to sell in auction ^^
    IGN: WezzyBahamut
    Server: S4-Realm of Kiriyos
    Class: Warrior
    Guild: Genesis


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      If the Devs puts this into effect i will leave...
      1. Cash farmers will exploit this feature and ruin the game
      2. HUGE amounts of spam about how a website that will give you such items and you wont be able to read guild or party chat
      Leave everything to the Market
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