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  • Originally posted by FarrelBrown View Post

    3..unless of course you were inferring that the opposition are all a delicious, gelatinous spread flavored like various fruit and commonly placed on toasted bread.
    ^^ JAM, American! :P Jelly is that wobbly dessert!


    • Originally posted by xnovaflarex View Post
      Think your post should read ...

      Dont need any thing that will make the game more community oriented because i want to be powerful while others stay weak.

      I think that might be what you really mean.

      The only thing player trading buying and selling ever does is add to the community aspects of the game. Yeh some will use it to farm various easy to get small stuffs like luck stones gems etc from blitzing. But those few things that player might farm will not ammount to a hill of beans. What will happen is the members of the various guilds will sell stuff to their guild mates for like 1 gold balen or what ever min amount the devs and admins of wartune and r2 set. Any one who says player economy harms mmorpgs has not played many or any and should stick to playing single player console rpgs.
      LOL..good one....and true..I dont see how AH will harm to that extent and what the fuss is about..

      cos all the features all non casher or light-medium casher will get from AH so will be for all hard casher.. breaking the balance? no..I rather said it as expanding possibilities for will benefit everyone equally...if someone nags about that all noncasher can get items easier so will you (hard casher) and you will even be more powerful with all those balens (probably buy more attempts in AH (if there is any attempt on that), etc etc)