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kabam question

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  • kabam question

    will the free balen option become available on kabam ever? coz this is really unfair that only kabam players have to pay with real money

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    you will have to ask Kabam themselves.. we wont know.
    Also just to help you out of the dream. that many free balens arent there..
    Sadly most offers dont work.


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      Yup, as said by Kagelol

      You would have to ask Kabam to implement their own "Sponser System" because R2 doesn't really control Kabam's servers (maybe just moderate updates)

      And yes... most Free Balen doesn't work (especially if you don't live inside USA (or use those proxy things))
      Most times you just end up doing Videos, Click-Through, and some E-Mail registrations.
      Do not do any thing that requires your credit card.
      Do not do any of the "Paid" offers, 75% of the time are scams and you won't get your money back even if you didn't receive any "balens"
      Do not even do surveys unless you have up to 3 hours of free time, because that's how long it'll take before you find one that doesn't disqualify you and you actually gets to complete it.

      As a final measure... if you're really desperate for Balens and still wants to play on Kabam, there are some 3rd party "Point/Reward system" sites on the internet, find one (since they all work the same with same sponsers) that offers you Ultimate Game Card as trade/reward.
      Than use the Ultimate Game Card to buy Balens.
      (this method takes WAY longer, but you can also use the Game Card for other games)