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Suggestion List - Improvements to Current Gameplay

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  • Suggestion List - Improvements to Current Gameplay


    Add Server Somewhere in game. (Suggested next to globe)

    Change item text for "Endurance Potions" - Its description "Stamina +XX for 1 hour" is confusing with the stat "Stamina" which is used as exp for dungeons. (Suggested: Endurance Potions to use term HP or Change Dungeon Energy to use term "Energy" instead of "Stamina" (And to change all dungeon stamina items to "Energy Term")

    Allow users to use VIP tokens in the spin and make them more rare in pvp/dungeon rewards so that its a benefit for being vip so you can do special quests to earn those tokens.

    If keeping only VIP users can use VIP tokens, then could you make their npc sell value higher than 1? maybe like 5k each?

    Soul Crystal Item - Put Level Requirement on it to 35 since feature does not unlock till then.

    Suggested addition:

    1. Group Battles have a level restricted category. (ie; group levels 20~25 vs group levels 20~25)
    Just experienced my first group battle and we got matched up against people that were all 35. Needless to say we hit them for less than 100 each blow (level 29) and they hit us each for 1k+ each attack.

    Ill add more as I can think of em. Lunch break is over. Toodles!

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    fix the gem drops, or make gems unbound. *** am i, an archer supposed to do with matk gems? same goes for mages getting patk.