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  • Sugestions

    this is my personal list of what is missed in game, dont misunderstand me is a wonderful game already but it need some push to be near perfect

    1) wild map need to be used for strategiv guild pvp
    guild can construct a guild castle
    and all surronding spots get a defense/atack/gold buff from their shop it and from the other personal castles
    in this way we are clustering guilds so they protect they weaker members inside a defensive wall of strong members
    you cant atack a castle unless 2 oh his neigbors has defensive buff (the one you get when your have been plundered) so only the outside castles can be atacked until they are defeated
    if a guild get caslte get plundered 10% of his storage wealth is plundered (that can be millons) and get defensive buff like normal
    you can get a party 3 or 5 people to atack guilds and other castles
    defense of the castle can get up to 5 units or players (officers or submasters)

    2) leveling need to be improved, today i advanced form 34 to 35 and i got +1 int as a result?? that a HUGE improvement for a 2 days level, come on at least we shoud get +10 of a prefered stat per level
    warriors +10 Str archers +10 agi mages +10 int and +5 in other stats at least
    the lesser of the gems improve more than 15 levels

    in this way the game is only gear sicne a level 50 can be defeated by a level 30 if the gear is apropiated and that is not very nice

    3) arena pvp should be done in groups of 5 for more stategic use of skills
    hp pool of all players shoud be increased of at least 50 to 100% (only for the arenas) for the battles in the arena been strategic and more rewarding, actually is only the use of the main skill and 2 other ones for 1 time
    since the batles wil take long, youc an reward with 10 medals for the winer 5 for the looser
    the matching system need to be improved (arenas) actually you can get a match 4 times in a row with the same enemy, and the resut will be the same

    ill will updte the post with more sugestins later, if you like it coment it and if you like it more make some sugestions yourself

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    About the Guild PVP, look at the thread called "Guild Wars in the Wild."