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What's next after reaching level 80 AND maxing talents?

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    Originally posted by Zorich View Post
    Why would you say that? There's still a L80 MP to complete and entire PvE Set to collect. Yeah, it's like a 6-month process, but the good thing is that at least the L80 Leg Stones will be in the Guild Shop from day-1 when 2.15 comes out. You'd still be increasing Runes, Soul Engraving, Mounts, etc... Just no level or talents - which lets be honest - is the biggest disparity in PvP events outside of CW. Holy Seal is the determining factor in about 99% of relatively equal-level, equal-BR fights.

    As for end-game, there will be more. Even on the Chinese servers only a handful of elite players have L80 items at this point.

    The Rumors regarding the Chinese game is that the next big patch there is 3.0 where the talent / skill system is redone and the max level increases to either 90 or possibly 100. There will be class specializations within skills / talents retroactive to L50 or L60. So a Mage like us could have a choice (just speculating here) between a Healing Spec, a DPS Spec or a Crowd Control Spec. They will also likely be increasing the skill-bar content. 6 Skills @ L60, 3rd Rune Slot @ L70, 7 Skills @L80...

    So there will be more - it's just going to be a long time in coming... We likely won't see anything sniffing the 3.0 release until late spring, and that's assuming the Chinese versions get in by Christmas.
    100% agree with Zorich. There is also like 9 different pets (that I know) now and you need at least 3 really strong pets for pets arena, a new single player event where you fight boss similar to Necropolis but with different rewards, treasure hunting, new guardian system to increase your elemental resistance because pets use different elements, 200 quests weekly event. I'm pretty sure they will increase the level cap eventually. New level 80 MP require level 80-100 to enter, don't know why they would put 100 if it's not for increasing cap eventually, I saw level 4 refinement crystals for 80-89 gear, just feel like it they will increase level/talent cap really soon.

    I tried all these things, I'm not just copy/pasting stuff I saw on kong thread, I know these events really exist lol