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    Originally posted by DeathTh3Kid View Post
    Edit: Sorry read it wrong. Go into dressing room, by going through inventory, clicking orange button saying clothes, and click dressing room tab, and you can go through your clothes you have brought in the past and present Just click the style you want, and click confirm, the levels transfer over to the new style.

    If you are talking about leveling clothing, go into clothing synthesis, next to dressing room button.
    ty so much ^_^ was so much easier when it just said clothing conversion lmao


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      Most of the female costumes are way better in this game than their male counterparts. Halloween is the opposite, HALLELUJA!
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      ^ Manly purple!


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        Originally posted by R2EndlessMoneyPit View Post
        1- I'm not a "Bro". I know mmo's still have a tendency to have lots of men/boys playing drag style, but its also 2013, *gasp* women/girls play too.
        2- Maybe the fact that I am female, makes this costume all the more atrocious.
        3- I'd bet my 4 year old could draw a better Witch's hat. Where in the world does one even come up with sticking a candle on top??? Maybe they forgot their helmet and hit their head that day.
        4- Its a game 'discussion' forum. So yeah, I get to say "hey, I think this is fugly, anyone else?" about something in the game.
        5- If you think its "good art" you must have played some sucky games.

        All that said. If you like it, great. I still think its horrid
        U tell him, Sister!
        I'm a gal, I think the hat is fine, but I hate that horrid dress WITH A PASSION! Also, they don't allow you to accesorize or change your hair color or a million other things that I would like! Heck, what about color too? Some things I'd like in a different color. Goes to show they don't think about us women.

        P.s. Fashion Statement, Halloween Hat and Staff actually look pretty awesome, in my opinion. I love the shoes from fashion statement
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          How do we get Fashion Statement? I like the shoes too!!
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            Originally posted by IggyBousse View Post
            Most of the female costumes are way better in this game than their male counterparts. Halloween is the opposite, HALLELUJA!
            especially the female mages clothes


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              Originally posted by DeathTh3Kid View Post
              Like i said, mix and match and hope that it works with something. Close as i can get with it working with other clothes and wings i have xD

              Wish we all had level 5 clothings.... ;(