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    Originally posted by Krl94 View Post
    I am not happy with this guy for saying I love you to my girlfriend[ATTACH=CONFIG]59883[/ATTACH]
    what is your gf nick, i kind have a feeling for her, i bet yours is small and shortminded too. omg this guy, what a selfish jerk


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      be a man, stop whining, dont be a girl, whine a lot and want this and that, if i were your gf, i will throw you to the bin straight.


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        Originally posted by FarrelBrown View Post
        I cannot stress enough how little anybody, besides you, actually cares about this.......
        I cannot stress enough how much you care for some words, they are so easy to say, especially behind a computer. If you get affected by some words so easily your life will be full of disappointments.

        And yes deathriver, that seems to be the case, I can see a lvl 5 friendship between them. Unless they played a lot and made that friendship just from the farm, it seems that some rosses/ mpd are involved as well :P

        krl you should be happy that your girlfriend is appreciated, when other people appreciates your girlfriend that means that you found a great person as a gf. Be happy, you are lucky ♥


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            Originally posted by buuromania View Post
            Yes indeed, stupid people bumping dead threads.
            Character name: Silence

            Class: mage.

            Server: 490.

            Level 44.


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              Love The Gamez