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guild war

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  • guild war

    guild war cross server with best 50 auto pick that will ezz players fighting togrther inster war at eachothers all time

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    No idea what you are talking about.
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      He's talking about a cross server guild battle


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        lmao. be simple man, have to read 5 time what you want
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          Your weekly cross-server GB would be trickier than a monthly CW to work out.

          Where do they fit in with normal intra-server GB times? Do they replace intra-server GB? Do those 50 guilds do 25 matches all on 1 day at the same time? Or are the 25 matches a day staggered over times on the same day? Or 25 matches a day over multiple days, at the same time? Or staggered per day, over multiple days? Does that conflict with any other events for any of the servers? And what about the lag? And what about time zone differences?

          What about not continuing to post threads that seem to think they're the first one to have this idea, yet refuse to be the first one to actually consider the "how" of their suggestion, rather than just the "what"?


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            Here's a way a cross-server GB might work:

            Cross-server GB could be a monthly thing that happens over the course of 4 weeks with the top 16 cross-server guilds battling each other. The 16 guilds would be based off of the cross-server guild strength similar to how normal guild battle teams are chosen and seeding would be made the same way it is for the current GB - top team fights the lowest and on from there. The guilds would all be from the same time-zone, so 16 USEast, 16 USWest, 16 Europe and 16 Oceanic guilds would battle each other. There would be one battle per week on a night there is no normal GB, so Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, at 20:00 server time, just like current GB. From then on out, the same style of brackets as there are now would play out with winners fighting winners and losers fighting losers.

            The GM of the winning guild get another unique horse that is good for a short time, GB participants would get some form of currency (insignia, crypt tokens or a new type like in class wars) and all guild members of the winning guild would get something similar to the how it works now.