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Class Wars Suggestion - Rankings, Rewards

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  • Class Wars Suggestion - Rankings, Rewards

    Here's my two suggestions for Class Wars:

    1. Have Ranking Tiebreakers be based on, in order:
    • 1st Tiebreaker: Greater Combined Wins vs. Equal or Greater Win Opponents in both Prelim & Finals Rounds (Quality Wins)
    • 2nd Tiebreaker: Greater Points Total from Preliminaries
    • 3rd Tiebreaker: Battle Rating

    I think this would be beneficial for a few reasons... One, Combined Wins vs Equal or Greater Win opponents is the BEST way to see who performed the best. In a situation where 2nd through 6th place all have 8 Wins, and one of those players had a combined 3 wins vs 8+ Win Opponents in Head-To-Head fights, that player deserves to be ranked highest among those with 8 Wins, unless another has 3 or more Wins themselves. They effectively won out with the toughest schedule, and should be rewarded for such, independent of BR.

    Barring a clean ranking order, use the Prelim Pts totals as the second tiebreaker. That way those players exploiting the early losses to win out and just qualify are hindering themselves come finals. It will make everyone play the prelims on the up-and-up hoping for a good run and strong 2nd tiebreaker. If those two things are equal, then default to BR.

    I guess the reason that this is important to me is that players with higher BRs already have the advantage of having the better character. But the lower BR player that can amass 7, 8 or 9 wins against competitors with 10k or more BR - well, that's the better PLAYER - and that's what Class Wars should be rewarding. The Better Player, not the better Casher .

    2. For the love of all that is Holy, add more items to the Glory Shop.
    • Ancient Rune Pack & Class Rune Packs
    • Crystaloid Packs (L5 & L6)
    • Crypt Tokens (There really needs to be another way to get these, kinda how ToK Drops Insignia now)
    • Gem Stones (L5, L6 & L7 Stones)

    I'll tell you right now, I wagered next to nothing in the last two CW because I've got all the Mounts, and I couldn't care less about spending $ for Mount Whips. I used my winnings to stock up on Shadow Crystals for the daily XP, and the rest got dumped into FREE Mount Whips. Now if there were ANY of the items listed above in the Glory Shop - at reasonable GC Cost, I'd be dropping max-balens into Wagers.
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    Wow, no comments... I thought for sure this would garner some support...


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      true, I was thinking about the same thing for a while.
      As for rewards i agree with first 3, and add some 12 h crops
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        Originally posted by Zorich View Post
        [*] Gem Stones (L5, L6 & L7 Stones)
        Lol that is kinda too unrealistic impossible to happen but support it will gladly spend all my points there ))


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          Originally posted by Clin7eas7wood View Post
          Lol that is kinda too unrealistic impossible to happen but support it will gladly spend all my points there ))
          I looked at it this way: If they put the Wildfire Steed in there (normally only a Mystery Shop rare item at 6,995 Balens), why not the Mystery Shop Rares like Rune Packs, Crystaloid Packs and L5+ Gems. Of course, I would think that a L7 Gem would cost - but at least it'd be something worth getting.

          Know what I mean?