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Nether Pumpkin seed- what to harvest from it ?

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  • #31
    Originally posted by S44-ZEREF View Post
    nah...the 500k gold drop rate seems to be low since the server hasnt been spamed by the 500k gold system chat
    My server spammed that a lot.
    "Strange things happen to those who don't drink Wilkins."


    • #32
      55 chests not a singele 500x chests yep not common at alll on the other hand my luck never been good


      • #33
        My server's chat is constantly spammed by 500k's.


        • #34
          Originally posted by 0xykotton View Post
          I wouldn't see why not. I don't see why you would either lol. However, I do think the morph cards glitch if you don't use them during the event. It makes you invisible or something. That is what happened last year.
          That would be cool in BG and Gb don't u think?


          • #35
            Saw 5 500k chests this morning, got 1 myself and my brother got 2.
            Character name: Silence

            Class: mage.

            Server: 490.

            Level 44.


            • #36
              I don't know what so awesome in this event. Had like 140 pumpkins and guess what... didn't get 1 single 500k chest. I should ask wartune developers if i must pay for the game or what the i know (maybe i should be administrator or developer) 2 get 1 single chest. Great job wartune developers, great job.
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              • #37
                Got about 8x500 chests across 2 characters, but I also stole about 200 pumpkins altogether so yeah.

                Saw some people get as much as 4 at the same time (idk how much they opened, doubt they saved them up).
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                • #38
                  ive got 3 gold chests in 240 seeds, 3 runestones in 240 seeds, the rest is daru, 1 gold chest, or morph cards
                  i wouldnt expect too much out of these

                  but ive only opened 240, what do i know?


                  • #39
                    Now i got 2
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	fsdfsdfsdf.JPG
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                    "Strange things happen to those who don't drink Wilkins."


                    • #40
                      I have opened up 185 packs and got 4 x 500 gold, 27 morph cards, alot of daru and alot of the other gold. In all so far around 3 million gold. I think its a great idea the way it done. Watch your pumpkin patch :P.


                      • #41
                        Now i got 3.
                        "Strange things happen to those who don't drink Wilkins."