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Class war rewards for all

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  • Class war rewards for all

    Well all i want to say is in the class war we fight the each other every month for reward.
    But it is obvious that players who used hundreds of dollars in the game are capable of winning them

    I thought it was a free to play game and we have equal rights. So aren't the free non balenors are allowed to get any rewards.

    I only suggesting that there should be no time limit if the reward point and it will be added to every months new reward point so even
    a lower player can buy a reward that he/she likes by stocking the point for 3-4 months.

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    Free to play. Pay to win.


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      Everyone receives rewards already, but unless you enter top 100 or bet you can't afford a mount, the stones looks nice though.
      Cash usually just speed up the br of a player, a non casher can reach high br as well if he is willing to play for a while. He can also reach a high enough br to receive prizes like apollo wings (62 k br) and I saw enough players with less than 62 k br in top 100 cw. Conclusion: non cashers do have chances in cw.
      If they where to allow stocking the glory crystals , everyone could buy everything they would want to and that is not the way it works here from what I saw until now. R2games does offers free mounts/clothing and other balen stuff to free players but only cashers have access to high level mounts, I don't think non cashers ever received for free mounts with +30-+50 stats. Cashers do have to have an advantage after all

      Good news: the next update shall bring locked balens. Even though it might be bad news for many, it is great news for people who doesn't spend any money here and solvs their main problem : gems. You can finally buy the lvl 6,7 and 9 transposers which shall help greatly in your development.

      Have fun and enjoy the game


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        i agree Cashers do have to have an advantage. But if u can acquire a mount in 1 month it will take a non cashers 3-4 months isn't that enough advantage