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Should I get my wings lvl 2... or Wait for the next Tailor event?

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  • Should I get my wings lvl 2... or Wait for the next Tailor event?

    Well, currently I have 5 cores..and kinda want to get my wings 2.. but I doubt there's gonna be tailor event this hallowen.. so wait for the next tailor or get lvl 2? don't wanna end up getting my wings to lvl 2 and next day..*tailor event* lol

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    It's your choice, really. If you wait, and the event gives rewards for lv. 2 wings, then you'll get those rewards, but all the time you delay doing it, you would be having greater performance on world bosses, dungeons, etc... . No matter your choice, there's a sacrifice to make and it's up to you to choose which you'd prefer.


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      --- nvm ---
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        The Tailoring event for this month started at the beginning of this month (it's already over)

        So you have to wait for next month's Tailoring event.


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          Personally I would wait.
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            You should wait... The rewards you will get from the tailoring event will be so huge compared to the gold, stat boost you gain if you do it now.

            The rewards are a huge balen equivalent, while the gold and stat boost can be gotten anytime, no balens required.

            Good things come to those who wait.