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NM Lych's Lair Last Boss Walkthrough video

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    3 55 set, with only 1 mage in pvp!? I want ss of it being nm to believe that..


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      nice lie
      Originally posted by NEbeast View Post
      gratz on passing it.. my team have recently done it too. 2 archers and a mage all with the 55 set and me tanking with the 50 leg. It took us a little longer to pass it than if we all had a leg set but the insignia and time we saved skipping the 60 means we will have our 70 sooo much sooner.


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        he probably meant Lych normal not nightmare


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          in this vid i see that the tank mage needs thunder instead of meteor, the archer doesn't have incindiery, and u guys seem to get crit a TON. Gratz on beating it
          The mage is high enough level tank he can have a max thunderer on bar.
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            Originally posted by jeffhawk View Post
            85k is not super safe
            Very very safe? I think that most important is the person who is tanking, the rest doesnt have to be that super strong.

            Knight with 16k M def/20k P def got 89k crit the other day...


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              i dont know about you guys.. but i didnt see any guide on that vid :/