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+1 hr forward of events , after maintainance, Not cool

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  • +1 hr forward of events , after maintainance, Not cool

    after reset the clock is 1 hr dealy and events are 1 hr forward o_O
    that was unexpected, i know it is mentioned on the forum, but still, not cool.
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    dont worry 2 hours for me as i m from different continent which had daylight saving early this month.
    actually they had it before, so, you should know that the time will change when they have daylight saving as they did it before


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      I want old time back.
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        Agreed, now I have to readjust my schedule because we don't have daylight savings at all where I live. 2AM world boss FTL.
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          Server changed at the same time with their switch as we did so nothing changed here .
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            its something that is normal.
            In some countries, they have summer and wintertime
            and in europe, wintertime has started (in some countries, other will follow later)
            Its something that cant be undone and sorry, you have to live with it :C
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