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So will the patch 2.1 officially make knights the worst class??

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  • im a lvl 64 knight 71k+ BR i dont have a problem killing any class


    • Originally posted by ArowenGR View Post
      Listen buddy, be a knight and try find a group for any 40,50 or 60 normal mpd to start gathering loids.
      Void? 2 knights not possible because of magic last boss.
      GoD? 1 knight top, because you need scatter and heal so 3 out of 4 members are mage/archer
      Moon? 2 knights impossible but 2 archers 2 mage or 1 mages 3 archer VERY possible. IMPOSSIBLE to find group when UR a knight.
      And keep in mind that many last boss (TL, MD, DT) do MAGIC damage, which is pretty much a weakness for knights.

      Knights not wanted by most people in their normal runs and we have to wait for other classes to do their run first.
      We have no heal, no scatter, no puri and we are supposed to be tanks so no high dps unless hard casher
      So actually NO real skill to help us in mpd, even though we are supposed to last long.
      And the bleeding KILLS us. At least let us have a skill to calm down bleed.

      We have appollo yes, but at the cost of MANY MANY other skills. Only with double skills is appollo actually an option.
      And even though heal,puri,scatter are unique in class, archers have IS which is pretty much the same as appollo, only better cause of damage.
      If you can'y find a group to run with then maybe you just really really suck... I know that no matter what level i was at I always found a team for mp.. If your toon is so badly built that no one wants to run with you then maybe you should try a different game.. i hear farmville requires absolutely no brains at all to play.. should be perfect for you