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Suggestion on Multiplayer dungeon

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  • Suggestion on Multiplayer dungeon

    There is a limit of 5 a day so ok. But since this is an online game. We have friends that are not on when we do our dungeon runs so when they get on and we wanted to help them we can't since we ran out of runs. Why not like Solo dungeon when you run out of stamina you can still do it but you don't gain xp or any loot. This way we can just run multiplayer dungeon just to help our friend without any gain of xp or loot.

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    You can...... I do my 5 Runs with higher teams ( Since I do Bloodlands) and after I finish all 5 I then go and help friends/Guildies . But just like with Stamina/Campaigns once you are out of runs then you do not get anymore Rewards/Xp/Drops ect. So you can do 100 times a day if you wish. But only the first 5 will reward you.

    O and like in Campaign you can still complete quests with 0/5 runs or 0 Stamina. Quests are not effected by the * No rewards* rule.
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