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Why is this game so popular?

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    strategic player vs player role-playing game, competitive gaming and time demanding and consuming, and very p2w system.
    its kinda addictive once you get a hold of it, among r2 games yeah its abit popular
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      I play because I started playing it and I want to finish it
      Spent over a year playing it, don't want to let my time investment go to waste!
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        Originally posted by iRyahn View Post
        Hmm.. now I am determined to play the new server just to beat cashers. This will be a fun challenge
        Please explain what you mean by "beat".
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          top 20 when the top 100 is 90% cashers is not bad
          Well if you count all vip players as cashers then its quite possible by being more dedicated, such as attending all WBs, since all vip really does in terms of your strength is the wheel (and academy cooldowns I guess if you level fast).
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