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I have 5 requests to make the game a bit easier both on the eyes & the wallet.

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  • I have 5 requests to make the game a bit easier both on the eyes & the wallet.

    1st- would it be possible to make the screen stop flashing when you switch friends pages on the farming screen? My GF & I both really enjoy this game, but as she has epilepsy, this causes a real issue for her. She can't play most console games (Xbox, PSX etc.) Hovever most "Flash" games don't cause an issue with her disability- (it's ironic as heck! lol)

    2nd- I made my own guild @ LV20, & have put over 600K into it only to find has become a $ gobbling monster. It is Lv2 & I have a Guild Shop & Altar. What is the Wealth <Member Fee> donated to the guild used for? Does it go 2 you guys? All other MMO's I've played; if there is a fee it goes to the guild to distribute amongst it's uses as the GuildMaster needs. This game doesn't have a dynamic economy, so I don't see why we can't set the fee for our members ourselves. My biggest issue with this was I paid the 500K for the initial fee due on (2012-9-5) but since I payed it it now says I owe 100K on the same date. I didn't even get an extra week to try 2 pay the 100K. Since then I've lost all the other 6 members cause they didnt think they should have 2 pay extra 4 a glitch... I don't want to lose it considering I put most of my resources into it in the first place, can this be fixed? Or did I screw something up?

    My intention was to be able to pay the entire fee per week by myself so all of my members donations would be used 4 upgrades & such. I did this in World of Warcraft, Anarchy Online, & EVE Online. My X-Guild in WoW, Path of Glory was the largest & highest ranked for almost 3 yrs. I had a friend take over for me when I had a house fire & lost everything I owned (including my PC repair business).

    3rd- while fighting the World Bosses, their names in the health bar have been mismatched, but after winning the window that pops up says you did Total Damage Raining ### (all numbers after 3 get cut off by the window. "Raining" is not needed in the sentence & will allow a number that is 11digits long to display without having to edit anything else. for instance: Total Damage 96234171875

    4th- When farming occasionally you get the message "Friends Farm Exp Has" & you stop gaining Exp. (when using the smiley face icon to restore crops .

    Also another RL friend mentioned that pretty much everyone in the guild he joined speaks portuguese, so he has to repeatly Alt-Tab to google to translate (I told him he should have figured that out b4 he joined lol) but he was wondering if you might have plans to include something to let him Select, Copy & Paste within the message windows instead of having to re-type everything by hand from one application to another.

    Thanks in advance,
    Stop the friends screen from flashing while farming.
    Let GuildMasters set the membership fee ourselves.
    Fix the Total Damage Raining ###'s?
    Fix the "Friends Farm Exp Has" message.
    Allow Select, Copy & Paste within chat message windows.

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    On your 4th point, that's the daily cap of your farming reached
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