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question about clothing upgrade

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  • question about clothing upgrade

    if i got piece of clothing but i like this design like event clothing
    and it lvl 1 how i can lvl up 2 without change the design of it with other clothing
    i mean how i can upgrade from lv 1 to lv 2 with same look and design

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    If you sync a level 1 clothing with another level 1 clothing (or level 1 clothing with a fashion core), the chance the look will change is very high, but you won't lose the look of the clothing you like.
    All looks you obtain (either through purchasing or through events) are stored in your Dressing Room. So even if your brand new level 2 clothing is a different look than before, the old look is still in your Dressing Room. So just put on the old look and you're all set, this time with a level 2 clothing.
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