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player vrs monsters balance

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  • player vrs monsters balance

    i think the monster fights are a little to easy. it would be more fun to have to sweat it once in a while. and not just win again. great game guys. really like it.

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    just thinking maybe a 15-20 % stats increase for them. especially the bosses. big pushovers.


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      I agree with this completely. They do not have to get the stats of Dungeon monsters. But an increase would be nice. Up until the reinforcement battle in Shrine of Shakaiya I had never even lost a Gryphon/Paladin/Hunter. And even then it was because every wave target him... Big bullies. So yea. An increase in Campaign monsters would be great.
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        completely agree. most mobs are just hp bags with no real challenge involved. Raising their attack a bit, and lowering hp would be something to start with


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          Then consider every weak players unable to finish their quests
          the game doesn't surround on the campaign it surrounds on other areas like multi player dungeon world boss and other arena but although i would like it to be a little harder since i can tank most of them but it should only have any changes after a long progressive game since this game only started recently if they make any changes then it will make a hit on the players who are rushing in
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            Poor idea very bad cause the non VIP players or people who can't afford to buy balens will be unable to do campaign. The way it works is that campaign helps us get it done faster and able to use exp scrolls. Making it harder will undermine the weak players make them frustrated and quit the game. try fighting level 40 mobs or level 39 I die and I have 11k battle rating. It gets harder in 31-40 zone wilds plus 36-38 campaign run. I like the system don't change it.


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              beat the catacomb bosses. lol so hard...
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                I agree with topic starter. PvE are too easy.

                Originally posted by TURBOSTAR View Post
                Poor idea very bad cause the non VIP players or people who can't afford to buy balens will be unable to do campaign.
                Constant stats always will not satisfy someone. But why not use player's battle rating as derivative coefficient for mob stats?
                I think it must solve that question at all.


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                  Bosses are way too easy compared to a campaign's "sidekick" battles.


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                    If you are in a strong guild then getting insignia is super easy and honing your PvP gear makes the campaign easy. What may be easy for one may be a nightmare for a new or inexperienced player. Personally I blitz campaign as much as I can for my daily quests. They are boring and tedious but that is because I am a heavily stacked archer with maxed out level 45 PvP gear and level 40 Crypt items. I remember what it was like when I first began and how I spent a lot of stamina getting my butt handed to me.

                    MP dungeons and Spire are way more fun. You want a challenge? Do Garden of Death on Nightmare