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S1 New Patch must read.

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  • S1 New Patch must read.

    Yo, I am from S1 and in my opinion this patch rolls 50-50. Which means there are good updates, not needed changes but were made and Lag.
    To start with everyone should stop making useless alts to check out new patch bcos do you know how much lags that creates on S1. If you start a fresh new acc reach arena about lvl 30 do 20-30 arena fights than you will see ur ranked just somewhere 30,000... not bad I guess so I can estimate atleast 100,000 acc on S1 which about only 500-1000 are active or partly. Howsoever I made alt on S132 and within 3 days my lvl 35 archer was in top 500 arena...
    So do stop this. LETS get started with the patch. (Will give away minimum info since not all accurate).
    1.WB 1 Taken out , 100% All us labtesters disagree with it.
    2.Gold rush not Intialised yet will be in part 2 which m3ans about 2-4 weeks without 1wb and neither replaced with gold rush... so far I know GR gives you crystals to redeem rewards not sure if gives gold n daru.
    3.Sylphs and sylph arena... Basically u can lvl sylphs by calling them same as mounting a steed so during mps...bounty..etc the xp u get ur syllh get it too. 2 types pan and iris , iris increase ur mdef by 3% and pan hp by 5%.Also they have 3 skills slots which 1 of them is a delphic.
    4. After 3-4 turns after u dealt some dmg and received and turns passed u can transform into ur sylph and cancel it anytime... limited time doh also sylph arena basically after u collected 3 sylphs u can enter arena and fights others sylphs for xp, stats chants souls...
    5.Cloud city just a nicer version of city I say and the bounty,hall of heroes,arena etc 2 more buildings been moved there.
    6. Most important vouchers n B balens (bound balens). Basically every 20 vouchers u have will be turned into 1 b balen.. 20:1 ratio.. atm you can use it for extra attempts for plunders ,CDs, Market,AND others small options such us lock stat etc... farm still same price upgrade and others but u need pay b balens also I hihly recommend that u can lvl farm 1 time or etc.. but keep a preferable amount like 20,000 so U NON CASHERS CAN GET 2N TREE WITH IT.
    7. I tired to type since using phone... later

    Guild: VictisHNR
    Server: S1
    Honor: Lord Divine
    Level: 64
    Status: Non-Casher

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    From gold rush you can get gold the first chest that cost 200 crystals gives 500k gold i can tell you that.SO you can use the BB for locking stats when refining items?Well that will be useful.


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      And how many crystals can you get on average? It better be like 600 to make up for the missing WB..
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